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Hits of Ramesh Naidu – Telugu OLD Mp3 Songs Free Download

Download Ramesh Naidu Telugu Hit Mp3 Songs

 Navaminaati (Sivaranjani): Download

 Abhinava Tharavo (Sivaranjani) : Download

 Ungaram Padipoyindhi (Sujatha) : Download

 Oohavoo Ooprivo ( Suvarna Sundari ) : Download

 Kannureppa Paadindhi (Yuvaraju) : Download

 Koluvaithava (Ananda Bhairavi) : Download

 Koyila Pilupe (Andhaala raasi) : Download

  Suvvee kastUri rangA (Chillarakottu Chittemma): Download

Vinnara alanati (Devudu chesina manushu) : Download

 Gubulu Puttisthavu (Kalyani) : Download

 Aliveni aanimuthyama (Mudda Mandharam) : Download

 Revuloni Chirugaali (Pasupu Parani): Download

All Songs In Single File (10 tracks) 

Ramesh Naidu is one of the best melodius Telugu music directors during the 70’s and 80’s.
Ramesh Naidu always used to take the lyrics first and then came up with a beautiful melodious tune to it (only mAma Mahadevan being the other music director who does like that in Telugu). When Veturi wrote a book (komma kommakO sannAyi) recently about his association with some Telugu music/movie directors, he devoted two chapters just to Ramesh Naidu while he talked about all other great people (like mAma Mahadevan, NTR, Athreya, Balu/Ilaya Raja etc) in only one chapter on each one. He has a credit of introducing Lakshmikant-Pyarelal to the Hindi industry. Mani Sarma’s dad, Yanamandra Nagayagna Sarma gAru (who played violin in “jOru meedunnAvE tummeda” song in the movie, Sivaranjani) was a permanent music conductor in his orchestra. Ramesh Naidu’s last movie was Viswanadh’s “swayam krushi” and he passed away a day before the movie release (Sept 3, 1987)

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